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Buying and selling

Heroic boots and gloves 100k
Golden Ice blade 180k
E and Hp 10 tic braces 100k
Golden war magic helm 45k
Golden shrink charm, looking for a good offer

Royal Double attack and Rupture rings, and also a double attack grand ring
Heroic ammy

Re: Why CH is NOT pay to win

The OP said that it was more of a freemium, and in my opinion, he's correct. Some of you say that it's pay to play or pay to win because although some may actually make it through, other still pay and the non plat buyers buy the items from them, which is why they say it's a pay to play game, they th...

Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Greenie wrote:Granted, but your rank decreases to peasant.

I wish for a pony

granted but when you take it for a ride, you get lost and have to fend for yourself and for your pony in a pony eating troll infested forest

I wish for my mom to live healthy and strong

Re: Is This It for leveling

and also not making things so expensive and making every event item better than the last, they should keep them maybe constant or just vary in abilities depending on the event kind. But just stop making them more expensive and better than the last D: It kinda kills the items that were bought from pr...

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