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Xfer from Herne

I'm still searching to any1 else who wants to help me transferring from herne to here. Pm me if u want to help me or send me a mail in game: Frazyl


Hi ppls of Lugh I'm from Herne and want to transfer some money (I was thinking of 200k, enough to buy an hero ammy and get 40-50k cash) and sks from herne to lugh. If anyone is keen to help me, post it here. On Lugh, my name is Frazyl, and I play the game already 3 years. :) ty and see ya, ppls of L...


transferring 300k and 40sks from herne to here (Names at herne: Zyljana, Azilo124 and Frynt3)

Re: lord of the rings online

It's hard to play it without spending money on it. But i reached lvl 69 on one char, by making loads of other chars and doing loads of deeds... I'm thinking to start playing it again. I now can start a new char and lvl it easily already to lvl 70 or so. Through the mines of moria.

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