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Dex, whats its use anymore?

Well this is just a topic about my annoyance with the dex skill now, and I probably should have made this topic much earlier when I realized dex's little use. This is mostly in the view of the warrior, not other classes. However I'd guess it should be somewhat similar? Possibly. Before the addition ...

Re: Runescape

Infinity has been basically making Suggestions leading up to it in other topics, yeah i know i blew up about it.

I just also wanted an opinion of what makes it bad too rather than all joyeous praise.

Re: Runescape

Okay seriously, why are you guys trying to suggest making this whole game like runescape right now. I left the game because one, you could become high level and completely dont with the game without putting thousand of hours of your life into it and two, because of that, it makes the game extremely ...

Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

There should be new drops from the bosses i think that would be similar to all of the items in the catacombs, improved versions of the ancient armor and weapons (like ancient brutal great maul, hammered ancient breastplate, etc.). These items i dont think should be better than the disc armor of cour...

Re: Patch will be out tomorrow

Also, please improve gold drops for the higher level enemies. In the update the gear is more expensive (naturally) but the gold drops are less (unnaturally). I realize there is a new range of item drops but its still harder to make as much gold here as we could in the catacombs when we should be ma...

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