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Re: trainer masters

Have a lok at the castle lux shop, the onewho initall told you you need more money, to hae a feeling fr prices and what you like. Then try to buy from players for 10-50% off.

Re: spring of life

I'd prefer a fixd amount increasing with skill points invested, rather than a lvl 10 and 5lvl/pt.

But essentially thats academic. Not gonna happen either way. That'd be more useful than 2-5 idols aka OTM revenue even with long cooldown.

Re: trainer masters

There are no totems for people under level 25, however ironically all non-beginner quest weapons (Warden, Cosmic, Frozen Cosmic, and Dragonlord) all use totems as the quest weapon. To put that less politely, which Regenleif never would do ;) :) , Druids are the only class that starts out with a use...

Re: Need help please

As already said, there are as many guides as there are personal variables (main?, playstyle, budget). So find your most fittng one first. I personally did strike, vines (but swarm wasnt around att) and bark (need less vit more foc) touch and put the money in sigils asap. Actually this is a bit of hy...

Re: The blame game

Well they neither deserve the Praise of some nor the hard bash of others. They were between a stone and a hard place. And either way they would disappoint and be bashed. They definitly (should) have been aware, that the update is not working properly, but they didnt find the bugs in time. And some n...

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