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Im trying this out to see how it works but i thought maybe it would be good if nitro could communicate when not playing the game. I created a group on the app groupie( if you do not have it download it, it's free) and join the group "Nitro of danu" or type the group ID number 474855 . Just...

Re: quitting unsussecfull/swapping

[="D0nk0"] haha yeah thats what i said... quitting? impossibru!!! Pretty easy actually.[/quote] Yeah its not that hard. people who say they are quitting then come back just needed a break but people who quit and dont come back, but maybe just to visit like a year later lol or to give stuff...


So im getting a golden dagger of venom, I have a royal lifesteal and a grand and greater riposte. I also have hero gloves and a silver energy regen ammy. i dont have SS yet so i was wondering what skill i should use

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