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Re: Forum Signatures

PartyNinja wrote:
P1R4HN4 wrote:You don't like mine?

no no i dont like it...


As nice as P1R4HN4's sig is, ive gotta be completely honest and admit that your sig pic has always been my fave :)

Re: Vain Glory

Still one my favorite games. In game name is Sopdu, im T6 silver, and in a lvl 99 guild :D. Feel free to friend me if you want :)

Re: Elite vs Wolfgang

Something worth mentioning. I havent logged on since new update and i deleted game since its impossible to stay on for more then thirty seconds without a crash, asumming i could even get into game. I havent been to forums recently either, i come back today and i see a post called Elite vs Wolfgang, ...

Re: Muldar - Give Us Hope

+1, and gl muldar. I dont see this as a challenge to you to go through every bad aspect of the game, rather i see it as a player who happens to have access to the developers. I hope you see the unbalences and lacking areas of the game and help them get fixed.
Best of luck :)

Re: Bye :)

Glad to see uve reached the next step of ur life :) gl with whatever you move on too. :D

Re: couple questions bout event

Yes we have quite a good amount of horses already on epona and I believe when you use beacons you get a glow with a symbol above your character but I've also heard they have a chance, maybe small but stil a chance to give something upon opening Didnt hear about the chance of giving something b4. An...

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