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Re: Warrior 50-100 gear advice

Depending on ur financial situation, I'd buy a golden blade of fire. Stick with axe or hammer mainhand as you progress buying the flint, topaz, opal and adamant weapons from the stores in otherworld. Stick with skill rings for now. Get a ammy with regens and braces with regen or stats such as the qu...

Re: What up what up what up.

Loco cola wrote:
Arachnid wrote:I'm still here, so I wouldn't say it's very user friendly for you.

I never deleted my old rogue.
Since your back, seems like it's time to camp arena.
Good luck killing me while I try to kill balmon now cuz I'm on killian on danu now :-)

Is that aimed at me or kola?

Re: Explain to this nub

The edl spite itself would compensate for a large proportion of a mages dmg. Between casts of ice skills, a rogue on haste can get at least 7 autos minimum and while casting free dmg insta cast skills like qs and ss. Depends on which boss. Some u may get or come close. There is a reason rogues get t...

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