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Re: Selling Broom of Doom 2 Mil :D

Cozakiller98 wrote:
AngrySavage wrote:So, first off, how did your characters get hacked the first it came out? And secondly,ya might wanna go to the user control panel and put your sig in the proper spot...[/quote

Haha u just got savaged!

Haha thanks for the support coz and angry, lol this guy t44 must be off hos head xD

Re: Selling Broom of Doom 2 Mil :D

lies you are NOT the first warrior on danu. I joined the game after my friend told me about it and according to the celebration event for celtic heroes 1st birthday i joined the game the day it came out.i never had a chance to lvl up the warrior i got tho becuase it got hacked 2 days later. handsom...

Re: Can we get a confirmation on double plat on black friday

Hi we are definitely planning to do something for black friday, I'll make sure to post as soon as we know the exact details. Please make it a double plat weekend, this will get you so many plat buyers and it will greatly boost the worlds economies, most players are all bankrupt atm so we need this ...

Re: Selling Avalanche Sled

Hi guys! Im Dogma and im a douche so i want to try to bully lone without knowing his past or anything about him at all! yay! :D I don't even have a problem with him, ppl need to understand that I clown a little when I seen ppl being dumb. So tbh the way I seen OP is like this: Hey guys, I am trying...

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