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Can I make it to lvl 100 w/o regens?

Hi, I started a new toon and am trying to get to lvl 100 as fast as possible. My question is, with sc's taken care of, decent offhand and wep, could I make it to lvl 100 w/ needing regens and fire blades? I bought a fiery axe but idk if I should hassle with something lower like venom blade, etc etc....

Re: dPS or hybrid?

its ok for everything but not great at anything XD, I use Def. Form, Proc Stance(Both Maxed) with half GS and max shatter and skewer hopefully I can become full dl if my clan ever decides to boss more XD EDIT I was hoping to get my defense from a future DL set and was thinking of putting 300 pts in ...

Re: dPS or hybrid?

Personally I'm forced to go hybrid, few people log for bosses, barely any druids so I do my best to fill in for the team(lvl 180 DL hands with Beast/Spellworught mix lmao)
700 str
11k hp
1500+ dmg
600 def
600+ attack
something like that lol

Warrior's puzzle

So I havent played in a while, but im a somewhat formidable warrior back in ros. Lvl 180, My gear consists of spider helm 50 vit/ str Anc beast chest Dl gloves Spell wrought boots and pants(useless lol) And 150 axe and 100 str mord spear My dilemma is! That im considering a new build My plan is to o...

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