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Aggro Issues

If anyone has a reasonable explanation for this situation, please share it. I was killing Atrisal with a level 157 Warrior. He has about 1200 Vitality and Taunt at level 40. He had cast Taunt on Atrisal 3 times without Taunt being evaded. He was also hitting Atrisal with his spear for 150-300 damage...

Re: New PVP rankings

Im a devestating sneaker :P I hate to break it to you, but a Sneaker is only Rank 11. You are currently listed as Rank 15, giving you the #1 position. This is because the Rankings board is inaccurate. Based on your actual Rank of 11, you should be in the #90 position. Of course the estimate of #90 ...

Re: New PVP rankings

Congratulations. On your Abilities page, what is the rank listed? Does it list you as a Buccaneer? I see on leaderboards that you are Rank 15. Rank 15 is supposed to be Buccaneer.

Re: PvP in Update 4

Rangers bolas has always been nerfed Nd their rapidtoo so complain about rangers first please. And remember a long time ago they privalaged you guys and RAISED your heal in battle. Back to normal though. Yes, Ranger Bolas has always been nerfed in Duels. Druid Grasping Roots has also always been ne...

PvP in Update 4

I just discovered that Natures Touch has been nerfed in PvP situations. I normally heal 977 with Natures Touch. In a duel, I only healed 370 with it. Similarly, Natures Breath has been nerfed in PvP situations. I normally heal 104 with Natures Breath. In a duel, I only healed 52 with it. To the poin...

Re: Do not delete! - Sigils!

Perl wrote:Simple fix.... Give us the the Energy Boost skill

I have the energy boost skill, and to be honest it's not enough without sigils because we don't have the ice magic ability. I am of the opinion that sigils should be fixed and all Druids should gain access to the energy boost skill.

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