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Re: EKG is Back

I am very sad that even after so much time, I need to read so many lies about USKOCI. And worse part is when it comes from mouth of former uskoci general. Once in the clan was some people who are now belong to some other clan. So why everyone has reason to even say that name. It is sad past and it s...

Thank you all

I want to thank you all for great life lesion. Thank you, Vinci for teach me that winner has many friends, the loser has good friends. I have huge respect when we were best friends and now I also have big respect to you when we are biggest enemy. Thank you, Night for teach me to not have beard when ...

My clan Uskoci

Hi all, I think it is time I wrote something about Uskoci. How I am creator of that clan and I read lots of post how I run my own clan. I think I even read I run it in communist way. How I born in communist country which collapse in bloody war, and all my family was on communist black list. It is li...

Re: War has broken out in Arawn

Smelly I want to rimand you on one past act from our general. When you was still noob Xell invite you to ice king. She get drop but she say you are main soo you use it. If I am not wrong that was your main weapen for very long time. When you was still noob it was Bird who let you in every boss group...

Father bp

I need explain something. Father give me bp but I dicade that is beter for clan we get something we can all use it. So father didint sell bp we all do like clan. Father didint make profite at all it is all in clan bank. Soo rude message to father is unnecessary.

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