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Selling Fashion and items

Can contact in game name: LordJericho Also want meteoric and frozen quest items Selling: Quartz Cane (Lv req 60) Quartz icon (Lv req 60) Diamond Hammer (Lv req 80) Lute of spiders (4 rarest) Lute of spiders (2 rarest) Horn of ice (4 rarest) Horn of spider x2 (common) Harp of spiders (4 rarest) Harp ...

Trading Spidersilk fashion

I have:
Spidersilk Gloves (Pink,Red,Ensorcelled Pink and Turquoise)
Spidersilk Headdress (Yellow)
Wolf Mask (Ghostly White,Ghostly Purple)

I need:
Spidersilk Boots (Pink and Green)
Spidersilk Headdress (Pink)
Spidersilk top & gloves (Green)
Witch Mask (Any colour)

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