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Re: Clan Lux and an open server

Epona boss rules: dL req for necro and prot, dL doesn’t matter for hrung/mord. Edl req for gele and bt. Hrung and mord are all roll, rest are class call with whatever alt you’re calling meets all the requirements of level and gear. Necro you’re late once acos pulled, we pull them all at once now, mo...

Re: Some Questions about Epona

Clans are the social aspect of CH, help with floor bosses, boss calls, helping with gear etc. Bosses: must be at least within 10 levels of the boss, necro full DL is req and sometimes haste for melee. Prot full DL req, Gele and BT full EDL and haste for melee. Class call means that if you’re not on ...

Re: T8 offhands skills

Does the cooldown from druid book stack with jewels at all? That’s about the only use I realistically see from it. A Druid proc’d with a high sanctuary cooldown, but even then it’s a bit of a weak skill with the amount of AoE damage bosses can do.

Re: What gear should I invest on?

I run a totem build when I’m able to dps and not forced to heal. DG pants for the focus/defense boost, shadow secrets helm, dark storm totem, EDL OH/MH, 2x godly totem rings, 2x imp totem rings, mystic divine ring, mighty gele lightning and storm rings, imp earth charm, royal def focprot brsver and ...

Re: How to report boters

Not condoning botting, but plenty of people Afk skill/mobs while doing other things and don't move around the room. To make sure it's not a bot, try and talk to them off and on. It could be someone that is just busy watching a movie and clicking a skill every little bit to stay logged in, or it coul...

Re: Gelebron Kill

What’s your strength? Assuming you used a damage tower food as well. Wondering how you got the 3-3.5k damage. I can get 10067 lixed attack on my Druid with no attack bracer, but damage is still 12-1500 depending on what I’m using.

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