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Re: To all those who reported me....thx

I'm more of a quite player...lone wolf as you may call it. I'm not one of those guys who logs on and everybody says hey look! It's that Shathe guy. The char Shathe has been blamed for some serious stuff. With being banned twice now for no purpose I try to keep myself unknown. It's just the way crom ...

Re: Banned AGAIN!?!!?!

Ok now OTM is just starting to tick me off. I have been banned for the 2nd time for something I did not do. What I was doing on that acc was a was sitting at the Pirates farmimg gold for my chars....WHATS WRONG WITH THAT I was making around 40k a day doing that and I don't know if that's the reason...

Re: Banned AGAIN!?!!?!

Well someone probably reported you for afk farming or botting the game. If you are banned a 2nd time... You can't get your account back. Who knows maybe otm will overlook this rule. Try to e-mail: appeals@onethumbmobile.com If you are appealing an account which has been disabled a 2nd time because ...

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