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Re: Its me PVP

Ok everyone pvp did explain to me why he left us and i totally understand why . Most of this is my fault letting pvp into clan at such a low level ( just thought we could do with some more eager to level Druids in clan) now with the update pvp was struggling to get people to level with . Everyone i...

Re: Its me PVP

Hello PVP, Wishing you luck in Serks. Good luck in Serks. Toy Thank you for Wishing me luck Hello PVP, You got a hella help mainly from Callum, you got stuff from clan bank, and you were allowed to join even when you were way lower because Callum thought you mean it being with us. Toy Yes yes callu...

Re: Clan hoppers*

We all know you are referring to me, No need to hide this, I'm not a clan hopper, i simply joined Berserkers bc there was some fighting going on in ancients, I didnt "use" u guys just to level up, I'm really upset you guys feel this way, I never intended to hurt anyone, I'm really sorry f...

Re: Bears?

Guthix123 wrote:
ShannonFromLugh wrote:Where is the forest? Lol

I know where one is, its got some medium sized trees and pretty big...only other thing is that the trees move and attack you...

OMG that's awesome better go check it out thanks evryone :D

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