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Re: Apology to Danu and Prime

Dear uncle 1shot, Well i guess this means no more destroying henk in arena anymore. Im still waiting for a fishing trip, but sewers isnt a good place to fish i hope you realize that. We should go to the docks and catch us some salt water fish :) You have killed me in arena before, but i wont ever ha...

Re: So long my friend...

im not good at these things but... i will miss you and always remember you with your great hammer smashing threw the mobs all around you. one of my great friends second ever person on my friends list he taught me the ropes of celtic heroes i remember farming double attack with you for hours and gett...

Re: Be back soon!

well thank baby jesus!i was thinking since people wouldnt see my sexy toon for a while they would take their own life. :D

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