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Re: The "Forum Mindset"

Dexxa wrote:
Criminal wrote:
Dexxa wrote:
Well, Morgana is part cat :)

When u say part cat, how much of her is cat? And how does it express physically?

Furry ears :)

And the constant purring when Morgana is happy. ;)

Re: Tower Guards

As the quest develops in The Otherworld with the next release you may start to understand why they are all so tarnished.

... but you'd be interested in some charms, eh? We'll see what we can do. ;)

Re: OTM staff

Mangan is also in the house and I play two or three times a week. If you see Mangan around though that's my OTM presence and my character is probably "fixed" so I can look around areas and see where we need to add content - I do all the quest writing and maintain the world history, which h...

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