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Re: BT buff incoming

Gratz Epona. Sorry Arawn, maybe next update lmao U seem to have infatuation with arawn.. do u dream about arawn as well? U can't seem to go 24 hours without mentioning arawn or resurgence.. epona and arawn have actually been chatting quite friendly on different chat apps the last few days along wit...

Re: BT buff incoming

Chaotic wrote:I had next to no lag on the Iphone 8 running Default chars, fast graphics 30% detail and draw distance with iOS 11.2

Same for me on iPhone 7. Was default chars and low graphics with general off and went fairly smoothly apart from one or 2 short spikes

BT buff incoming

Epona killed BT for the THIRD time after every buff otm has thrown us. With an incredible time of 16:13 as well as the first imperial drop! (Imperial assassinate ring :( lol) amazing job epona!

Ps: did someone say first legit and honourable kill? :lol:

Re: Regarding BT loot

I understand that some people were going to be upset if it effected everyone, even those outside group. But lets take the idea you presented on beta sub forums back in the beta. Lets the druid set will give 500 hp per tick to ALL players in the range of 5 meters around the druid. This way druid can...

Re: Faction weekly weapons

Danu picked up a bow today. I can confirm that the embossed sword of resistance is the best dps sword ingame. Tested on my sword build warrior :-) I can also tell you that it is 2/3 of the length of necro sword and edl sword and this massively frustrates me! I get short swords.. i do.. but this lar...

Re: Regarding BT loot

The ideas Drexxa had were overly complicated and sloppy. If set aura could be applied only to grouped players, and in some sensible way stacked then sure, it would have been great. But that wasn’t really the case so until a real tidy method for these ideas is found... they arent a good idea. I did ...

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