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Re: T8

Curry30423 wrote:I tried using it with a recast I borrowed and I don’t really find it worth it at that point either. Honestly was just wondering why anyone would consider using it over edl because I couldn’t find any good reasons.-.

Just upgrade your quiver to t10. Then you can find a reason to use it

Re: T8

Even with a godly cd brace the amount of leeway between getting 1 cast or a second cast is tiny. The only way to ensure you get 2 casts is to either delay casting the skill until double is ready or hold double shot until the skill is ready. Both resulting in a loss of dps

Re: Bloodthorn wishlist

Similar to the thread in Ranger subforum, what Bloodthorn drops would you want for your rogue? I'll start with a helm, 2 dagger rings to replace my bloods and a godly qs recast ring. Oh and a misc Helm ofc, 4 dagger rings (one to cd swap on necro when casting double attack) and a quickstrike misc. ...

Re: Dragon Alert!!

Lol youre gonna kill us. So the spawn points were change exclusively for this event to spawn by mord and aggy? Yup so depending on how carefully you pull you could end up fighting 5 dragons at once, 1 being Mord or Aggy the other 4 being any random dragons that have ever appeared in game. Is it lev...

Re: Dragon Alert!!

I apologize. I misunderstood the design of the event. There will only be Mordy and Aggy spawn points. Spawns are set to 6 hours. They will spawn with 4 other random dragons that are 5* or higher. So if I understand this correctly, if mord does on reset, in 6 hours time there is a chance of one of m...

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