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Re: Old players

Not me, but I wonder... If someone still had a tome for it, if they'd be able to trade it+be no class. Also, a question for fellow old players, because I'm only like 50% sure. Was focus able to go to 5 back then? Somethings telling me there was a new limit imposed. (also remember when plate gloves ...

Re: Dragon

How does changing builds warrant changing the element of your dragon? Just curious. No matter what dragon you have the stats are all exactly the same. Its just the element on the skill and the colour of the dragon that change neither of which affect builds in any way

Re: Server kill number 50 of Bloodthorn... still no helmet

I don’t think so. It’s already been struggling versus DG sets, at least it’s always going to be best in slot in the Carrow, which is unfortunately still a large gear bottleneck. Always gonna have value in rarity though anyways. Well going off those numbers after a year there’d potentially be: 26 Da...

Re: Cg Offhands

Rogues definitely got the biggest boost Comparing edl shield up to the axe with rondel upgrades the warrior offhand is unquestionably the biggest dps boost from edl. Its just the skill is far from ideal and the axe doesnt boost pummel. However comparing the offhands individually the rondels are wit...

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