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Re: 225+ mobs?

Just making a post here the “what-if” scenario that the developers have mobs going up to lvl 225+ in the new area and the new boss would be 225+. (Along with 225+ bounties) It would definitely have a rejuvenation of members as everyone would rush to the new area to start lixing to get to 225, buyin...

Re: EG Ranger Attack

Anywhere over 10k unlixed attack is on the right track. Currently i believe my attack is a little over 11k unlixed and from there i work on increasing my damage over further boosting my attack

Re: Ranger skills balance

Currently the only thing that longshot really has in its favour is the slightly higher hit rate than autoing alone thanks to the secret change from movement evasion into physical evasion. Wtf when did it change to physical? I never notice till i saw this post nobody is sure when lol i saw it a whil...

Re: Ranger skills balance

I don't completely agree with you...I quite like the Longshot damage boost. With about 40/60 str/Dex and 3k damage, Longshot hits up to 8.1k (skill page), usual skill hits are at least 2 times my auto, if not more...especially if the boss is lured/shattered. I wouldn't really call that a "smal...

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