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Re: Best DPS Ammy

Apples-Bele wrote:Runic valour Ammy except when ur 225 then wyldshrine sun is op


On a serious note now tho:

Godly BT ammy > runic ammy > imperial BT ammy > stargem storm ammy > royal BT ammy > wyld sun ammy

Re: Ice Dragon or Ice Phoenix?

Dragon has a 15 sec cd while phoenix has 25 second cd. At max ability the dragon does around 2000 damage as opposed to the phoenix that caps out at around 1500. Over 15 mins you will cast the dragon skill 24 more times than the phoenix skill. This is all well and good and heavily favours the dragon ...

Re: Spirit Pets?

Lol imagine someone actually wanting to spend 512 tokens on a single battlemount for a 10% increase from spirit tier. Oh wait someone actually asked for it. Not even gonna validate that idea with a reason why im against it as i feel it is pretty self explanitary and an aweful idea like that isnt wor...

Re: Fastest Bt kill

Epona is great because you guys are killing bt so fast that those who rolled n won drops can get fast buck selling the bt drops. A royal bt rogue Ammy in ah for 1.2m gold is really cheap. U can sit in castle n get bt drops by buying from ah. Beats the frustration of rolling for drops n not getting ...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

So all those players who have edl but are not in the big clan. Who have zero chance of progressing unless they join the big clan , what do they do now? How can they get the next set of armor? They dont and they quit the game or move servers. This just isnt balanced most endgame toons hve had 1000s ...

Re: DG sets on your server

Belenus has 0 like Zkills says except it’s handed out piece by piece to deserving members, if we did full sets we’d have around 4-5 probably There’s a bunch with 3/5 2/5 and 1/5 around Ye cause dg legs are way more important than sets. Shouldn’t be “we’d have around 4-5” it should be “we should hav...

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