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Re: Will the Frozen / DL Bottleneck be addressed?

We gear a dagger every 2 weeks atm with DL, I honestly can’t see how it could take a year. Maybe it’s a banking or drop distribution issue? I don’t know. Your server is not a typical reflection of what occurs on most servers. Arawn outside whatever bubble bob described does not have it so easy with...

Re: Gameplay or Graphics

I miss the old, worse graphics. Back when the game was simpler and not 100% about gear and who has the deepest pockets. 2011-13 graphics are nostalgic i guess. And older devices wernt destroyed by the aparant need for better graphics every update

Re: Ranger end game dps guide

Aaaaaamazing guide! Just need 2godly prot bracers 2godly necro rings a godly anointed ring and a reaper ring! (After I get dg, edl Quiver and a godly sureshot) Should be in my mail any day now! nice comment smartass. Think you should go read the disclaimer again. Vents guide has the best possible g...

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