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Re: New skills + buffs

Rend needs absolutely no buffing. Its already incredibly strong. Fast reflex is a leveling skill and a great one at that. Needs nothing done to it.

Play dead would be cool to get a rework. Something like AoE skills wont affect you whilst play dead is active

Re: 225+ mobs?

Just making a post here the “what-if” scenario that the developers have mobs going up to lvl 225+ in the new area and the new boss would be 225+. (Along with 225+ bounties) It would definitely have a rejuvenation of members as everyone would rush to the new area to start lixing to get to 225, buyin...

Re: EG Ranger Attack

Anywhere over 10k unlixed attack is on the right track. Currently i believe my attack is a little over 11k unlixed and from there i work on increasing my damage over further boosting my attack

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