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Re: Combo/Exp Elixers

Since I am having no luck within the game finding sellers of Combos or Exp lixes with the new update, I'm expanding my search to the forums. I am buying Super Combos and Exp Elixirs at 9k/4.5k, or higher if need-be! My ign is Robax if you have some spare lixes to sell and wouldn't mind mailing me t...

Re: For Those Who Keep Asking

If you want to join Seed, please do understand 99% of the time you will not be considered if you are in an existing clan. Being in a clan and asking to join another only shows you are treating Seed like a backup plan, and it doesn't make yourself look good. It's like wanting to eat KFC in the middl...

Re: To players of crom

*Is this world good? every world is good *Percentage of scammer?every world has scammers. just dont fall for them *Percentage of noobs who think they know everything? (No offense) if you stay out of castle you will avoid most noobs *How is the economy here expensive or reasonable prices? (For exampl...

Anyone else having this problem with Regulus Bosses?

Before anyone says, your stupid for not doing it sooner, i want to state that i forgot to do regulus back in day. having said that, I am doing it now. After i saw the post that the bosses will be 10% faster AND 25% more of a chance it is 6* I was ECSTATIC!! Having said all that........ I have been a...

Selling Reaper Ring

Message in game warriorz best offers.
I will also take a mix of XP/Combo/haste lixes and pots/old idols

No offer is too low. Worst comes to worse i will ignore you and youll never hear from me ;)



are rangers using the spears on your server as well. A few high level rangers are confused in CROM. they think they are rogues. a few rangers are starting to use spears.. still clueless why :)))))

GRATS on drop :)


SOOOOOO.. read the description of the arachnid mystery chests and it states "samhain mounts" and "grand prize of two million gold!" Does this mean that samhain mounts are more frequent then 2 mil? A few days ago two 95 speed nightwings were sold on my server. Both were sold for 6...

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