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Re: Insurgence recruiting

I hope more (loyal players) will join your ranks and make you stronger! Genuinely wishing you GREAT luck.

Still love your name dear friend. Most handsome villain aside from Caius Ballad. :D
See you in-game sometime.

Re: Clan Marathdamane

I wonder if I'm welcome. I like the "chill" part. ;) Well you probably wouldn't like solitaire anymore, it has BDA and those People :lol: :D :D Im not up to doing active gaming...so looking for a laid-back type of clan that doesn't expect daily attendance nor prompt assistance for boss. h...

Re: Kinda a goodbye

Vitayu Sheppy :D

I thought u had quit earlier than this ever since u got into Tanks. Message or call me on viber/skype when ur not busy with school. It'd be great to hear from you again.

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