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Re: To my ex-clan Hunterz

Use everyone's hate as motivation. Don't quit. Level up and make them think like, "HOLY HOT DOG!! Is that really her?" Than they'll wish you joined them and they'll than get jelous. Once they get jelous, they will do terrible stuff. Once they do terrible stuff, they will eventually get tir...

Re: To players of crom

*Is this world good? Ofcourse since i'm here. *Percentage of scammer? I don't scam so you could say 0% *Percentage of noobs who think they know everything? (No offense) I am not a noob, but. A little offence taken. *How is the economy here expensive or reasonable prices? I would say cheap. I don't r...

How to Make Gold FAST *TIPS*

Ok you come to the post to find out how to make gold. You have come to the right place. To make gold just simply sell me Haste lix (2k each), Combos (8k each) and XP lix (4k each). Soo it was not a trick. The way to make gold really fast is if you sell me lix. No one said making gold fast would be e...


Selling Sheild of Bastion (150 luxx)
Shop sells for 500k.
It can be yours for one low payment of 375k.
Or 325k if your a clannie.
Post offers or contact me via email before the end of the week or i'll sell to the shop.

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