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Re: Idols and ancient idols

For those supporting the new version idols, here's something that happened to me today I was on my way to camp snorri. After the sreng room, i died exactly next to a 4s bolg. As soon as i got aggro, it cast some skill (Not a light dmg skill) and i died again. soi had to lay down there with almost fu...

Re: Update Tomorrow 2/2/15

I tried turning my device off completely. Restarted and game was working fine. I mean there's still alot of lag issues that need to be fixed but i was playing for a continous 20-40 mins. Tried going somewhere with alot of people, worked fine with about 10-15 people at one spot (snorri camping). went...

Re: Idols and ancient idols

Surving isnt hard You NEED druids, if you dont have enough druids to keep everyone alive you are undermanned and are using unbalanced groups. Yea, while we kill dl bosses who have aoe dealing more than 1k dmg, we'll need a tank and a druid at each and every kill and not only that, if a tank is not ...

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