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Re: 100 lux

Well im on danu and lol i didn't mean that kind of focus i meant that ill save for bp and pants but ty for response

100 lux

Is it that much better than items in scavenger?
Im level 65 now and don't now what to save for i have all lux items needed except heroic ammy or regen braces. Should I buy a diamond dagger and focus on my bp and legs or focus on getting 100 lux when I hit 100?

Re: Dps builds

I'd like to mention that my server(Danu) has a famous dps druid that does melee as well as just lightning strike skill. His name is imjamin. He like level 155 now maybe 160 but when he was 135 he could ks level 150 rogues and still heal over 1k. So If i got the gear, melee can work out. He hits almo...

Re: Which class

Oh ya forgot to say that I will have my bro healing me at all times he is a druid and has lots of lux and maxes abundance(so i don't need too much hp). Currently he is only level 55 but im going to catch up quickly and we will level together

Which class

Ok so sadly i was stupid and made a mistake and got scammed out of all my lux:( so that I wouldn't be waaaay behind for my lvl i sold all my items that weren't scammed and made a Mage and was able to get a 60% broom with my items. Since then idk what class to be cuz i don't like Mage that much. What...

Cruel Knife Build?

So I'm a lvl 51 rogue(and leveling very quickly) rogue with a lot of lux. I always level with a Druid my level with a lot of lux as well. My Druid upgrades abundance so that helps with my hp. Plz help me with my stats Ok so my stats aren't perfect but ik i shouldn't have this much stregnth with a cr...

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