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Re: Purple bounty coins (Poll)

1 Purple, 3 Greens, dozens of Reds - 6 Bounties almost everyday since the event was released. Although I just got another purple a few minutes ago... after a couple dozen elites with only Reds? http://coresos.phinf.naver.net/a/2h45c4_h/2aiUd01518ttx8lrwwblg_n5urw2.jpg?type=e1280

Re: Full Mage Doch Gul Set

I don't think u actually read anything and just posted for the fun, if you did it's pretty clear we are arguing about politics and not who got the Doch gul set ;) Pages 2 - 3 consisted of some people talking about what good the armour would be for a mage, arguments aren't necessarily a bad thing ju...

Re: Full Mage Doch Gul Set

Wait are people really arguing about who got another full set of doch gul? That's 1 more set than what that server had previously, 1 full set. We haven't even killed Proteus on Android -> Balor yet, a full set of doch gul for a mage is an amazing feat. Everyone should be saying "well done"...

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