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Re: Seth's Wish List

Hello, Executive (*゚▽゚)ノ I see you moving toward bele glad to have you onboard mate. Say hi if you see me. Same name and all. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Seth's Wish List

I am in search for the following item. If you per chance have the before mentioned item and are willing to sell them. Send me a pm or mail Ig. We can sort out a time we can make the trade off. ( Names "SethTheGreat" ) - 1 Focus of the Mystic - 1 Red Hunter Gloves - Idols (100g per) - Pots ...

Re: help with avatar

There is another way just post the pic you wanted in a cloud service ( dropbox, etc ) and copy the link address to the pic and then paste it in the box that says url when you are asked to upload a pic. It works like a charm at least for me anyways.

Re: Seth's Wanted List :3

Sorry, for the late response. I rarely check forums often. Anyways, to answer your question ach. No, I have not left server. Though I do tend to play more in Belenus now than I do in Morrigan. You'll still see me around just not as often :3 Thanks for the offer Fruitcake, but I do not need a master ...

Seth's Wanted List :3

I am currently in search of a few items. Item list is below. :D Master Grim(150k) Heroic Boots(90k) Reverant Bracalet of Invigoration(70k) Ofc prices are always negotiable. If you currently are selling the following items . Please by all means message me ig or via pm on forums. So we can set up a me...

Re: Patch is now live!

Intresting thnks for telling i never knew this could happen and burned ur hand i can say i never dealt with that lol but i will now try and keep my itouch off the charger as much as possible

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