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Re: Bloodthorn Falls on Rhiannon

It's hard knowing that it's taken so long, but I think it's a great story about a clan's perseverance. For a server that has been split 3-ways, it's great knowing that our clan has proved its strength and dedicated itself to working very hard these past few months. There have been a lot of ups and d...

Re: New item drop locations

Humming Skull Charm. Player beside me said it dropped from a 5* level 25 Cadaver. Called it a "Dancing Zombie." Location is in the second picture. https://i.postimg.cc/sfkMGHzr/54-F9-B6-F4-45-C3-4-C18-863-F-6-FFB25502-C9-D.png https://i.postimg.cc/3Jjx4K9X/64-CB663-D-A60-D-42-EC-AF27-E2-CF...

Game Broke

We're experiencing that same issue on Rhiannon that happened a few weeks ago during Thailand's tropical storm where rides and weapons switched places. Skills couldn't be cast. And monsters cannot be attacked or see you.

Any other servers having the same problem?

Re: Cannot connect to server

Some suggestions I gave to my friends were: 1) Clear the app (if you have not played for at least 5 minutes since your last session) 2) Wait until animations have completely loaded 3) Enter log in details (if necessary) 4) Wait again until animations are up to speed and the log in button is ready to...

Re: Ruby Skull Pendant

There are some crappy ruby pendants on my server, but only one ruby knowledge pendant. It's pretty much priceless, so if somebody didn't try to break the ToS and sell for cash, then it would cost tens of millions in game. But I'm more interested in the ruby wisdom pendant which I don't think exists ...

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