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Hello Arawn

I needed some lunchtime reading and the Arawn forum delivered. Same old drama but still entertaining. If anybody sees LJ, Hershot or BigD say hello to them for me.

Thoughts on DG armor for tanks

Just curious if tanks are getting DG armor to replace EDL. Maybe not the whole set but just pieces. Just quickly looking at the pants for example, it seems like you can get a nice boost for health and def with DG but that is at the expense of armor.

Re: Serious question for otm

the US government(and by extension state and local governments) cannot. Although lets be honest, they and all governments do it anyway. Freedom of the press/speech is the biggest lie since "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". The Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the...

Re: Serious question for otm

The first amendment only applies to government from restricting your speech. It does not apply to private citizens or organizations from restricting your speech as long as they are not infringing on other rights. For example, if you are in my house and i dont like what you are saying, i can tell you...

Re: Questions about crits

Hi Nueee, I saw something about that on clan chat and it confused me. Unless OTM did something really strange with their code, I don't think it does. Think about it this way. When you flip a quarter you have a 50/50 change of getting heads/tails. The next time you flip that quarter, you still have a...

Anything for tanks in this update?

Unless i missed something, i didnt see anything and our jobs just got harder. I lost agro to the druids three times tonight offtanking at Proteus. That has never happened before. I always switch mobs and taunt and damage each one to make sure i keep agro. I was losing agro on mobs i damaged about 10...

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