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Re: Locked sooooo quick

Starting a new thread as my previous one was locked (remember the good old days). Okay so my sarcasm didn’t go down well with the hardcore members of the Celtic heroes community. I to was once like you, played the game for hours everyday, bought plat, defended the game when it was under attack. But...

Re: Sakapuss [Fr] (Lir)

fr3gryf wrote:Oh un français! Bien rare ici!
Bienvenu à toi!
Si tu passe par Taranis ou à une quelconque question sur le jeu n'hésite pas à pop un mp :)

Bon jeu!

La même réponse que fr3gryf pour Danu ( ancien iOs).
Ca fait 2ans qu'il n'y en a plus en endgame là-bas. :(

Have fun ;)

Re: Un clan français ?

Salut, Existe-t-il un clan français sur ce serveur ? Je joue un druide qui révise son anglais mais aimerai s'exprimer plus facilement :D Quite undertaker, Hey, Does a french clan exist on this server ? I'm playing a druid that study ienglish but would like to communicate easier . As he seems to be ...

Re: What's after Fishing?

My hopes with no order: -> Fair Pvp for all classes. Random fight in arena for the competitors wishing to do some pvp or some mini-games. We dont need Killian anymore so no one stand in arena nowadays and we dont want to duel friends so try to make it more funny. We are for most of us feeble or path...

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