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Re: transfer

even with a full time job i make 100k a day. i get on and off at bosses. funny you guys are still talking Ah, now I see the disconnect! When you were saying you were very rich what you meant to say is that you are better than everyone else on this server. You must realize that we here in Gwydion ar...

Re: shrooms

So if you guys are collecting fettles or what not or just plain bored, could you collect me some milkstacks, death caps, and fettles while your at it if you can? I would appreciate help expanding my collection and we need you!!!! Thanks guys and hope I'll be gettin some mushrooms in by mail! Peace!...

Re: Swamped

Aw will miss you. Shame I didn't train with you a lot more when I had the chance. :cry:

But all the best with your studies! :) Real life and all that shizz first.

Re: Some funny mage memes.

http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p505/vraelan/212e8f83570b06c2af8c475109b8ec9d_zps884bf27c.jpg http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p505/vraelan/9c45e4158e90a86656fdde35d109090c_zps406834de.jpg Lmao :lol: This. Every. Time. *casts fire attune* *dies* (urgh) *rezzes* *firebolt cast* *evades* *is a...

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