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Beta tester

Hey, how can we become a beta-tester?
I would like to be one, im playing with iPhone since very long time ago (my first update was when the programmers had created the gloves quest in red cavern... About 3 years ago i think)?

Re: 5 Skill Evasions

Spiders in corromorre tunnels (red are better)
And you practice vigour too + trees.
Blue eyes + phantom
Eye + trees + kelpie
Spiders + kelpies + druids
Fairies + eyes + Shadowarmour-boss

Re: Sanctuary

Good skill, but 30s cool down is too much long. This skill is usefull while lvling but not against real bosses. I use in priority to protect my self when an aggro comes to me: thats always enought for a fighter take the aggro on him. Plus Sanctuary can help when nature touch is on cooldown. I think ...

Re: Energy Havster

I got 2 books: with Scamp and with boggans.
Energy harvest is a good skill when we are soloing but ask many skills points to be enought to support fight skills.
For full healer i think meditation is better.

Re: Rip Druids.

Alright with a lot of post... :( Im now a full healer druid and no more an hybrid. Soloing is impossible now. I was testing the full warrior druid just to test... Just possible to lvling a bit but not a long time with out a support druid... And what are this spiders with their poison? This poison is...

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