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Re: Hey

Justjamie wrote:Theres only one number 1 clan in rankings (Solitaire) and level req is 100 with full met atm.

Wow I'm
glad i joined before the full met req if not I'd still be in bg lol

Re: The Truth about LIFE

MikeShot2 wrote:
CelticVillain wrote:Indeed mike, Celtic heroes is only a game full of old people now so it's hard to find someone with a sense of humor. Good humor lol

Everyone in the game is like 80 years old, including Lav, Oct, Alure, etc all those serious people.

I'm only 13 XD I just acted like that in the game

Re: Hi

I quit a few months back... But I'm not sure if I count as awesome :lol:

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