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Re: Dex rogue guide

At the moment (level 37) i have 45 Dex and will go for about 100. At the moment i have 100 Str and will increase it, after reaching 100 dex. Vitality is 50. Therefore now, i will go for 3dex, 2vit every level, until i reach something about 100 dex and 70/80 Vitality. After this i would go for 3 Stre...

Leveling as warrior with mage

Hello Community, I have the following question: I will Level together with a mage friend. What shall i skill and how shall i set my stats if i wanna go tanky and Make also nice damage? I red the proposed guides but they all disagree with Hybrid Builds. .. ... I am also Thinking about choosing a Roug...

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