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Re: Best clan across all servers

We are selective yes. Probably why our clan has lasted so long without your annual merge like what most clans experience at one time or another. You misread what I said, I said our clan is small due to a lack of content, but no where did I mention griefing. There has been plenty of petitions to fix ...

Re: Best clan across all servers

From everything I have read on Morrigan forum subpage, Havoc has tried to amend problems of the past. LOL what??? Idk what page you're reading but you have a big misunderstanding of what actually is going on on Morrigan. I really don't care whose the best, its all he said she said, but please don't...

Re: Cost of Firestorm

Freezerburn/Chrysaor wrote:Lotta kids play morri, and lotta kids in Market, so we keep it clean. There are other chats for that kinda stuff though... *winks*

You're right, too many kids play on morrigan in a certain clan. :roll:

Re: Such luck

ThyraUnited wrote:Our necro today was decent. The 70 dex/vit 700 cunning ring and a 70 dex/vit 700 ranged ring

Wow! Incredible. Unbelievable! There's no way you got both those amazing rings in one necro kill!

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