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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Heya! Name's StealthyN1nja, ninja of Luhh :3. Im one of those chill dudes you can hang around with and just crack up jokes and have a good time! I love anime/dancing/gaming so hit me up with a convo :p. Huge lover of the Syndicate Clan and everyone who is in it (Join it! Best clan to be in if u want...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Lurking through Dal Riata, is a familiar face we all once knew. This creature will heartWARM you when you see the look of his face. Your childhood memory shall come back to you, on the day you embark your journey. However, he isnt as friendly as you thought he would be. Instead, he is stronger, yet ...

Re: Eradicate the disease

A) the feeling of the death of yourself and giving in the temptation of revenge is oh-so-soothing. Yet u waste and idol to get up and notice you are dead once again. The feeling is unbearable. Save Idols. Save Lives- StealthyN1nja 2014-2015.

~ Store of StealthyN1nja ~

Mighty shield of crowns
Garanak-shrive ring (lvl 190)
Comrak- Stone , spirit, and blood rings

Orange Ensorcelled Boots for Red Ensorcelled boots!!

Pm me or Mail me in game, Mail to: StealthyN1nja
Thank You!!

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