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Re: Totally had enough

I'd just like to say that no one in Prime had any idea of any of this happening prior to whether it did or not, but all of our replies are hypothetical assumptions based on the OP and what the author is telling us, that if it is true, and nor is anyone in prime admitting that it did or did not happe...

Re: PrePrime?

Well glad ya asked. Prime has been the dominate clan and killed the majority of bosses and all endgame bosses for years on Danu, making our clan's character a target for assassination by other clans. Since prime has a relatively high level req. new and existing lower lvl players don't get the chance...

Re: Cyps last goodbye

I'm sorry to hear it bud, you were one of the unbreakables I respected the most. I wish you the best and hope everything goes well for you in the future

Re: Ranger Build 130+

My build is a little bit similar Cept max long, barbed, double, rapid, and light heal (usually spamming skills in that order too), best build for group leveling in my opinion. I use full frozen (great set bonus and will be amazing with dragon set bonus), wyrmbone bow, 150 req fire quiv, 40 regen amm...

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