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Re: Goodbye

ferro, i don't know what had happened but i truly hope you all the best in rl, no time to say thanks in game for all the memories you bring me and your help in awake, revenge... lots of memories. I don't joke with you much as i know you don't like my sense of humour haha. Gonna miss you!


Re: See ya soon ;)

2 legendary ranger left this server and i feel sad :( Rizzit hope you all the best in rl! I still remember you got my godly dog charm from a event 5* I was soloing hehe :)


Selling Top Tier Collectables

Taking offers on the following items, please pm me or mail your offer in game, my name in game is Devilz (L201 Ranger) which you won't miss it :) 1) Godly Batclaw Charm 80 Dex, 250 atk, only 2 in Ros 2) Icecrystal Pendant of the North Wind 100 Dex, 50 Energy, +50 Energy Regen, 500 E. Shield Skill fo...

Buy 100% Speed ride

Buying any type of 100% speed ride, pm or map me in game Devilz


Remarks: I'm not Devilzrogue / Devilsrogue, it's not my alt or anything related to me btw. Just to clarify, thanks!

Selling Items :)

Taking serious gold offer at the following items: (ranger items will be considerate for trade) 1) Divine Broom 75% speed, 45 hp/energy, 50% camp 2) Dmg ring 45 heat, 28 resist pierce & heat 3) Dmg ring 45 magic, 28 resist crush & magic Looking for 100% speed ride btw I got more but can't lis...

Buy and Sell

Hi all,

I'm buying a camo charm, please kindly message me in game, mail / pm me your price, thanks!

I'm also selling the following:

1) Tailsman of Star
2) Radiant Earthstone Necklace


191 Ranger Rosmerta

Re: Current State of Rangers

the point is, we are not comparing a end game mage vs noob ranger, we're comparing similar level of mage vs ranger with same lux and new skills, but tbh, mage dmg is way op. If rangers are mile behind now, it will be miles at end game as well, lol

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