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Re: Dual device build question?

Hi, I am currently dual boxing a Druid and mage and had a couple of questions about my build. The Druid is mostly support, with only stinging swarm for damage. My idea was to have my mage go max ice blast, ice attune, ice shards, and cloak of fire. I know cloak is generally a pretty bad skill, but ...

Re: Quality of life update?

“Quality of life update/Bday hat quest: End of July/Beginning of August Unity 2018 update: It was estimated at a couple of months. From experiencing this type of update with a previous company, I expect it in 6-8 months. <<<That number is my personal estimation and not the companies.” Was wondering...

Re: In game ticket

Tadaaah wrote:I know we have a word limit when we answer you, but I don't think you have one when writing in.

I’ve run into it before. It’s the main reason I default to emails rather than using the in-game support tool. That, and the inability to add images.

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