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Bring Gold, Selling Green

Stargem lux (Str Amu, Dex Brace, Dmg Ring) Reaper 150 dag 100 dag Fire Trident Hero amu Gold growth/shrink Green Sparkle Lanrik set (plain legs, sparkle legs don't exist on mabon) Green Stardust set Green Enscrolled set Green Sunbound set Green Snowbound set Green Spooky top/legs Green Smuggler set ...

Re: Elite vs Wolfgang (My opinion)

Besides being the highest lvl most active rogue, the reason why fued got wep before vhen is that fued is never going to leave. We gave vhen weapon and then he left a few weeks later. Wg cant afford to keep gearing elite... The mord spear emma got has nothin to do with wg giving it to her. She bought...

Re: Elite vs Wolfgang (My opinion)

Got some pointers here for you anon 1. Emma won the despoiler auction and spent much of her hard earned dkp for it. Then she had an opportunity to buy a mord spear and hoped on it. She's not greedy. You're just jelly that you dont have it. 2. Fued was the only 190 rogue (besides hova) from yule 2013...

Re: Green Trades

Adding a couple nice itamz

Ensc white top
Ensc white boot
Ensc black legs
Regular white top
Regular black top

*spidersilk fash

Re: Green Trades

Steeeeve wrote:The Green Man is gone. He was part of the Bethane 2014 event. :lol:

You're mistaken this is the original green man not the event one :p

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