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Re: Fire or Ice?

As an ice Mage since level 140, i say... Use Fire. As of this update, fire mages have been given a DPS boost, and the slight edge they had over us icers before became huge. Don't get me wrong, Ice was not nerfed, in fact all mages were boosted. But the fire bolt speed boost means that there is no lo...

Re: E shield nerfed?

E-Shield is an ice magic skill, and it is also affected by focus. If you have seen a drop in its effectiveness without a change in skill points, look to your gear. Maybe you had something that boosted both ice and fire magic, and changed it out for an item that had a better fire magic boost but no i...

Re: Unconventional Battle-Mage build

If you are using a melee build, you should consider that the game has changed since the first builds were posted. Then the warden wand was 3600 milliseconds, and far to slow for melee work. However, since then a number of one handed novelty items have come out with speeds of 3000, the meteoric wand ...

Re: A real shock o.o

friddoo wrote:
M7mdm wrote:
friddoo wrote:Well they did... Soooo no

Proof please, explain why bitey didnt have it in his guide

Because he missed them? Bitey may be a legend but contrary to popular belief he isn't infallible :lol:


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