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kara dark is one busy woman Dude all the pics where u see KaraDark are my accounts so its one person! And ur not funny btw.. Chace is a little kid and hate us idk why ask him. I have screenshots of him to with naked chest etc. But im not a sad dude who gonna put it on a forum. Just remove this topi...

Re: Solo stv bosses.

I can solo all dc bosses without any potions, and with charfire i also didnt used pots, put bolas on him i ran away not to fsr used light heal bandage and light heal again this triple heal for 699. I have first aid maxed and light heal and bandage wounds also at max. My hp is 1144 so 2 firebolts don...

Re: steady aim

I also have camo at lvl 1, i maked bandage 15, now i think i gonna try steady aim its lvl 3 i dont have other skills to put points on. My attack is 1080(without steady) and i still miss alot. I hope steady works one time i maked it lvl 10 but didnt saw any difference with misses or parry.

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