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Re: Giving away 10 combos

He's not exactly obligated to give away 10 combos. It's not like you paid a raffle ticket or anything. Just wait. Thanks mate :D some people just can't wait its already 2nd december the dice thing should take matter of seconds not one day, whats the point of making it long? its a simple roll. i don...

Re: Injustice to rangers

Logically, lets think about why pierce resistance would be higher than crushing resistance on a spider. If you see a spider on your kitchen floor what do you grab first to kill it? A. A thin, extremely pointy knife B. A shoe C. Do nothing The answer is B. A shoe, which is crushing dmg. A knife poin...

Re: new yule fashion

frumentarii wrote:Honestly hoping they do away with sparkles and effects. We have more than enough of the glowing, sparkling, over done effect bonus crap forcing unwanted lag as it stands already. I would take 3 new bosses over sparkly fashion any day.

id take the fashion any given day :lol:

Re: Injustice to rangers

And of course they move this post to ranger forums... Anyway, rangers and rogues are mirror classes. If they weren't mirror classes they shouldn't have the same gear, armor, bonuses, etc. I would appreciate an OTM comment on this. i woudont call it mirror... they have diferent weapons with diferent...

Re: Awful skills.

Godly wrote:i got to 55 in 3 days as a rogue with hero ammy and 3 combos and i still have 2 combos and might get help from a druid lvl 110 goal is 65 and starting warden quest

Unfortunately no riposte i use sneaky 14/15 ss 15/15 qs 15/15 and 14 points left over for riposte i need to buy

this is ranger thread..

Re: Build, stats and skills help (146)

i wouldn't go all auto. you need skills for adds. to take thm down with just a few casts and auto rather than auto all way... which takes time know why? because big enemies have pierce resist way higher than common enmies such as adds. they experince the full pierce damage in most of the cases when ...

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