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IM SELLING: lvl 100 req axe(280k) lvl 100 helm of veteran(160k) lvl 100 energy brac(160k) lvl 50 enrgy brac invo3x(70k) 1mil dex ammy2x or trading one for 1mil skimmer.(1m) lvl 150 hp brac(220k) lvl150 dmg helm(170k) sultan blue carpet(250k) BUYING: event sunbound fasions event boss drops lvl 40,90,...

selling and buying

yule dex ammy!!
spectral midnight ammy!!
sultan blue carpet
spectral reaper
rogue aggy brac if anyone sells :D(i know this wolrd doesnt sell, dont judge just trying).


i tell u the whole story... a user was lvling my acc to 135-140 for gold and orbs. but then someone knew we were sharing my acc. he made a new acc name and asked for info while light lvlin in carrow. The user I was sharing with thought it was me and gave away my info and they took all my stuff. i kn...

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