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Re: Did I miss the update notes?

Hi there, we added the promote/demote message as an emergency fix as some people were griefing and it was getting out of hand, and we hadn't had any logging to tell us who was dong it. In this instance we specifically didn't want to broadcast about this change at the time. There were no other chang...

Re: Hi!

Welcome to Sulis. Hope to see you in game and throw you a Cloak.


Re: Bored

Check out the "Exciting new Melee Mage Build" thread in Mage area of forums. Get a Blade of Fire and some other damaging gear and go wild! It's kinda fun, even though I'm a Caster Mage at heart.


Re: Bored

Carebearpoo wrote:
meepol wrote:i like to train my hand to hand on the lv 130 arena guy. ;)

No hand to hand for a mage :p

No hand to hand for Mages? Bah I say, Bah! 1456 H2H here.


Re: Upcoming Update

admin wrote:
Fromen wrote:Well admin has replied a few times

Saying the a mail system will implement and kind new messaging system , but he hast really get in to how will work .

You can post items to other players or alts.

Is mail possible between servers (different worlds)?


Re: Selling Golden Camo charm

I was just going to say that Ravager. Sulis is a mess. Can't even sell something without people calling someone outside to the alley to brawl. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. It is a rather unfortunate tendency on this particular forum. By the way did you find out who Tea is? I f...

Re: Mob and boss spam

I would also like to toggle my own spam off. As a druid, I am constantly spamming my heals when soloing. Why? because I get interrupted so easily. So when I solo I'm constantly mashing my heal button over and over again, to the point where I'm surprised I haven't broken my phone yet. It causes my c...

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