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Re: Dropping in and saying hello

I found out they were hiring and I was intrigued by the idea of an actual MMO on mobile. Even though I worked only on MMO's, personally I was playing more and more games on my ipad, ipod etc. So once I checked out CH and chatted with OTM I was sold on the company and the game :D I still feel like a...


I have asked many people including Joker who have said they do not own a set. Maybe im wrong haha! Anyway its amazing to see 3 sets together :D!! Then Joker is lying in his forum sig lol. Unless some sets have been sold which I highly doubt, then we have more sets. I still have everything but bp an...

Re: Hrungnir Compiled Loot List

Btw OTM, there is ANOTHER typo in those loot items. The S in Shot is not capitalized, where as it is everywhere else in the game. The B in Natures Breath is capitalized in other similar loot so it clearly is a typo. I think that is 4 or 5 typos in Hrungnir loot alone and I haven't even looked at mor...

Re: Dice roll !

This has scam written all over it. Statistically the house will always lose in the long run and no house will ever lose in the long run if it isn't a scam. Ex: If I make 100 bets of 100 gold. 59 rolls statistically I will lose for a grand total of 5900 gold. 1 roll statistically will be a re-roll so...

Re: Looking for a clan

No clan lasts for very long on this world. They all break up and reform into something new. I'd ask this question again when you are around lvl 100 because most of the end game clans don't recruit until then anyways.

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