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Re: My Experience on Sulis

Giving an option is not asking. If your buddy didn't want to facetime as an option to refute all the evidence that's he's been photoshopping or using others pictures in chat accounts, im more than happy to leave it at that. That's the only actual awkward part of it all, along with going the distance...

Re: My Experience on Sulis

Hey thanks for the lovely post! Btw that "request" for a facetime was something I was taked into and simply an option for you to prove you weren't part of the same group that won't quit trying to get a hold of the items our clan works hard to get. I could careless what gender or age you ar...

Re: Dicing?

The Aggronator wrote:All it does is help people who don't play the game make more money than those who do.

Sounds like a familiar game eh?

Re: What skills should I max ?

If you want a solo leveling skill set then yeah, you'll want Fast Reflexes and Life Steal. Riposte is great too since it deals heavy damage without attack delay and recasts quickly. Put the rest in Sneaky Attack or Shadowstrike and you'll do fine.

Re: What skills should I max ?

Take out Assassinate for Quick Strike. Assassinate is slow, evades a lot, and you can't even use it for most of the fight. Quick Strike is a great combo with Shadowstrike because they're both instant casts. If you have enough leftover points you might want to put it into Assassinate then if it's eno...

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