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Re: Future Updates

Difinitus wrote:I know that many of you are excited to known what the team has in store for the next update, but I don't have any info to share with you at this time.

When the team is ready to announce some news, I'll post it here on the Forums first. :)

Chicken helms plz

T8 or edl?

Ik theres a lot of ppl who argue both sides for this but what’s better a t8 offhand or edl? T8 does add 800 more divine, sharpshot or longshot dmg, resists, crit skill but the fact that the t8 skill lasts half as long makes me not want to use it. Everything else is great. Wondering what people’s per...

Re: Other games and hobbies

Some of the games I play are naruto ultimate ninja storm 4, monster hunter world, dragon ball legends, red dead redemption2 (though I’ve grown tired of this), yugioh duel link,_, , brawl stars, fortnite and COD black ops 4.

Re: Death of the Event Chests

I think in the past this was brought up to otm and the response we got was that adding other drops to chests doesn’t necessarily decrease other drop rates. For example, if the drop rate for a dragon egg was .01%, then adding Phoenix eggs to chest won’t make the drop rate change for the dragon eggs, ...

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