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Re: Witch Dead

Hello everyone! Big congratulations to everyone for working together to defeat Bheara of the Hell Coven. The Witch was met with a good deal of feedback, negative and positive, and in that light we are working on adjustments to make the encounter enjoyable for everyone. In regards to the loot and in...

Re: Witch Dead

How exactly would you feel if Vr put in lower level content and nothing endgame? Well they didn’t so that argument isn’t even valid. Oh but is. You’d be pretty upset right? Probably storm the forums and bash VR, that’s how lower levels feel from this I’d be indifferent and continue to grind the cur...

Re: Witch Dead

What is everyone else not 210+ supposed to do then? Farm lvl 10 skeletons for pumpkin bombs and extremely weak potions? Seasonal events have always been all inclusive in some way, and slapping everyone below 210 in the face sends a really bad message to those players. People are already extremely d...

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