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Re: Locked sooooo quick

I'd also like to add that re-posting locked threads is also against the forum rules. Do not post about locked or deleted threads, or other moderator actions. The actions of the moderators are final. So we were pretty lenient to let this one continue for so long! Please prove us wrong by engaging in ...

Re: Forum Account Registration Issue

The username he's trying to use might have been inactivated because someone else was breaking the forum rules a lot under that name. Difinitus should be able to help you. :) ---- Moved to Ask for Help Changed Topic Title Please title your topics with a headline for what the topic is about. 'Help!' d...

Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Again very poor communications between the developers and the customer I really don’t know how long they feel they can keep this up. More and more people leaving daily. Just update us with anything it’s not that difficult is it. Hi, You received a reply from the CEO of the game about this on Sunday...

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