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Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

I know we aren't allowed to talk about threads that have been locked, I'm not doing that. I am following the rules and asking why threads in general get locked. Personally, I have never supported the locking of threads. Yes, threads can be derailed, and one might assume locking it is a good idea, b...

Re: The call for help

Stephone wrote:and what are the prizes or whatever it is

I’m not sure if there is any sort of prizes or anything, aside from the chance to be part of it. I also don’t know what it involves, but I’d guess killing the Adventurer probably is not part of it ;)

Re: The call for help

Stephone wrote:wait so what do we do exactly to participate in this like whats the goal

Wait for the Adventurer to arrive on your server, then find them wandering around! Any specific information about the mission will be shared by the Adventurer at that time.

Re: Level cap

I’m pretty sure the Arcane Sanctum was released at the end of 2015. I’m not sure if the 220 mobs were in at release, or if they were added later... I think they were available at release. To the best of my knowledge, VR (and OTM before them) never mentioned even considering increasing it again, and ...

Re: Harassment at bosses

How do we get a moderator or a vr rep to respond on this? Depending on what their official answer is, determines how I'll handle it in the future Just wanna point out that the moderators don’t really have any more impact on the game than any other forum user, even if they were to reply here it woul...

Re: Quick Question

Interesting question. The obvious answer is that the game treats 220 and above as the same when it comes to lock penalty, with no additional lock penalty applied past 220, so neither would have a level advantage from the mob...it would come down to whoever deals the most damage first (unless the lev...

Re: Old Celtic Heroes Footage, Hey Smellyunder there you are!

I have a few old pictures from back then. *edit* just realized this thread is in Arawn's subforum, these pictures are from Sulis. At least it gives you an idea of what the castle looked like :) https://i.postimg.cc/DwRSw82f/Celtic-Heroes-20.png https://i.postimg.cc/FFPWn4rg/matthews-ch-pics-32.png A...

Re: Harassment at bosses

Griefing using game mechanics is technically fine but extremely rude, using glitches to reset boss and stuff isn't If the intention is to create a hostile gaming environment or disrupt the gaming experience of others, it is against the ToS regardless if players used game mechanics or not. A prime e...

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